Lizard Control

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Lizards generally come out in evening or at night. Since lizards are slimy creatures, they can enter through cracks of windows and small gaps along doors or any other holes in the house.

Lizards will also have a major impact on food safety. For every Lizard that you see in your home/office, there will be many hidden at some corner. Lizards are considered pests even when they actually are creepy cold blooded reptiles. While Lizards are not directly responsible for nay disease/s, It leaves behind its droppings and eggs at completely unexpected place, such as between the cloths in our closets, leading to fall smell. Lizard droppings can however pose a threat to humans if those are touched. Lizard dropping and eggs can stick to clothes, garments and carpets which can be harmful and unhygienic. Also kids and many adults are afraidof them, it is a nuisance and also consider as bad omens in Indian Home. Lizards will also have a major impact on food safety.

Hire Our Result-Driven Lizard Removal Service in Kolkata 

Having guests in your home is always welcome. They may be your friends, relatives or colleagues. But when those guests turn out to be slimy lizards, it is an undesirable sight that you would never wish to see! These pesky little reptiles are usually seated on the walls, underneath tube lights, on the window sills, panes and near the bulbs. They feed on other insects and are often found running across the floor when no one’s around.


They live both inside and outside the building and are surprisingly harmless to humans as they don’t transmit any diseases, directly. How wonderfully they help in reducing the insect population, especially during Diwali. However, lizards are still considered as ‘pests’ despite being reptiles. The reason? Because of the nuisance they create. When none of the home remedies can control lizards in your home/office, engage our expert lizard removal service in Kolkata. Don’t worry. We’re not lizard killers. We employ eco-friendly chemicals and natural solutions to force out these unpleasant reptiles from your premises.

Hazards of Having Lizards in Your Home/Office

As such, lizards are quite peaceful creatures but do you know they carry Salmonella bacteria that can cause diarrhoea, headache, fever and other infections?

Lizards leave behind droppings and eggs in unusual places like furniture corners, on the walls, inside closets, in between clothes and more. And if the droppings or eggs happen to be inside the food, it can lead to fatal cases of food poisoning, stomach infections and gastrointestinal disorders. Moreover, you don’t want your home or office to have lizards, their droppings and eggs everywhere, do you? It’s not only unhygienic but also seriously impact food safety and cleanliness of your premises.


Why You Should Avail Our Lizard Removal Service in Kolkata?

Lizards are commonly found behind the cupboards, underneath lighting fixtures or openly on the walls. Upon availing our lizard removal service in Kolkata, our crew of highly-qualified and well-trained specialists will arrive and find out the places where the reptiles populate the most. Employing all eco-friendly, natural solutions and the best-quality equipment, our professionals will evict lizards from every nook and corner of your building. We use effective traps and repellents to reduce the lizard population effectively. We adhere to the premium standards and ensure top-notch service to our customers.


Additionally, our lizard removal service in Kolkata is not only about controlling the existing lizards. Our service also focuses on prevention – that is, our leading-edge preventive techniques make sure lizards will never again find a way to enter your home or business.

Don’t want to see a single lizard again? You don’t have to when you call us!