Adult Bed Bug

BED-BUGS / खटमल / ছারপোকা

Bed bugs, being challenging pests are difficult to get rid of and require special training and knowledge in the subject for effective treatment. You should seek professional help if you want to thoroughly address the bed bug problem at your home. As bed bugs reproduce quickly, the quicker you can control them, the easier it will be to effectively deal with them

Our Spray-based bedbug management solution

Pestico's trained team thoroughly inspects your premises for eggs and if spotted, we crush and remove them . Further, we treat all the likely hideouts of the bed bugs to maximize the chance of eliminating bed bugs from your home.

We carefully spray chemical pesticides on all items in the vicinity of a bed bug infestation including baseboards, floor and wall junctions, tack strips under carpets, electrical outlets and switches, cracks in the walls and floors, wall-mounted items and structural voids.


Our two types of bed bug treatments are:

  • Single treatment of two services and sixty-day warranty.
  • AMC treatment of three services in a year.

As part of our Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for treatment against bed bugs, we visit our customers house thrice a year.

At Pestico, we give our customers’ experience the utmost importance and offer a 60-day warranty and free follow-up visits to ensure that your problem is fully resolved.

What can you do to prevent beg bugs at your home?

Living with bed bugs is notoriously unpleasant. These opportunistic pests hide close to the humans to sneak out and draw the blood of the host without them noticing . A bed bug injects saliva to numb the area it bites, so the bitten person does not feel the pain. Some ways that can prevent you from hosting these pests at your home are-

  • Inspect second-hand furniture closely for bed bugs before you bring it home.
  • Inspect your home regularly for bed bugs.
  • Keep your luggage away from your bed after travelling.
  • Clean or change your bed sheets regularly to expose a bed bug infestation.
  • Remove all clutter from your home.

How do I know that my home is infested with bedbugs?

These signs may help you to find bedbug infestation though these signs may be misunderstood with similar ones of other insects.
1. Bed bug foecal matter leaves stains on fabric
2. Bed bugs shed skin in molting and the skins from many bed bugs is evidence of their presence
3. Blood stains from crushed bed bugs that have fed on blood
Bedbugs are more likely to harbor more in or on materials made of wood, paper, or fabric and less in those materials made of metal or plastic. Common hiding places are located within six or fewer feet from where humans sleep or rest.
Places where you can find bed bugs include mattress seams and tufts, wood joints of box springs beneath covers, joints of bed frames, behind headboards, under loose wallpaper, behind picture frames, and inside furniture.


Avail the Most Effective Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Kolkata, Bangalore & Delhi 


Are you waking up from your sleep with small, red and itchy bumps on your body every time? Watch out! You have unwanted visitors on your bed –BED BUGS. These are tiny insects that hide in the mattress or bed cracks. Even furniture and cracks inside the wall are very favorable hideouts for these stress-inducing miniature creatures. Bed bugs spread rapidly and can be quite difficult to tackle. Hence, don’t hesitate to adopt our bed bug pest services in Kolkata the moment you experience the menace. And the best part? You can avail our bed bug pest control services in Bangalore & Delhi as well.


PESTICO provides comprehensive bed bug pest control services in Kolkata, Delhi & Bangalore that are quick, effective and safe. Moreover, we offer a customized bed bug control plan after considering your needs and budget. Having extensive experience in numerous homes till date, our bed bug pest control services begin with a thorough inspection of the mattress, furniture and other items infested by the pest. This is followed by spraying pesticide in the infested areas and steam treatment which kill the bed bugs.


However, the eggs do not get destroyed immediately. Hence, a second round of pesticide application is done to ensure complete elimination of the bed bugs. Our team comprises certified and experienced professionals who adopt appropriate pest control methods to provide 100% effectiveness against pest infestation and bring back your peace of mind.

Why Should You Choose Our Bed Bug Pest Control Services in Delhi, Bangalore & Kolkata?


Controlling bed bugs is a challenging task that requires professional expertise. Often, homemade remedies or DIYs are ineffective. If you want to permanently end the bed bug problem, don’t think twice before booking our specialized bed bug pest control services in Kolkata, Bangalore and Delhi. At PESTICO, we employ well-trained professionals who can deal with the pest problem with maximum efficiency. Bed bugs multiply quickly. So, the faster you respond, the more effectively will the pests be controlled.

We provide two types of bed bug treatments:

  • Single treatment of two services and sixty-day warranty
  • AMC treatment of three services in a year

Additionally, after treatment, we visit our customers’ house thrice a year. PESTICO stands out for ensuring superior customer satisfaction. That’s why, our bed bug pest control services in Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi come with a 60-day warranty and follow-up visits to ensure the problem is completely resolved.

Don’t let the bed bugs bite. Call us and we will be happy to help you.